Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Spec Savers in Action

I have no idea why I did this; I don’t know what possessed me, but for some strange reason I have taken a photo of myself, in my glasses, using the webcam on the laptop. I don’t DO photos of myself. So before I chicken out and before I get around to trying out the suggestions for improvement (my sincere thanks), I share with you the problem lol

Good Times

I seem to have a thing about Polaroid Frames going on lol. Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

PS, I guess this post is only going to make sense if you read the previous one, oops.

Wendy xx


Sian said...

It's lovely to see you! I'm going to get one of the kids to take my picture later for a post I'm planning tomorrow. Wish me luck with that lol

debs14 said...

It's an excellent photo! And I'm having glasses envy - I loved my newest pair when I tried them on the shop but now ... not so sure!

Miriam said...

Yes it is lovely to see you, you're beautiful. I can see your bead issue. JimJams idea might work x I like the polaroid frames.

Jimjams said...

LOL how lovely to see you - they look fantastic - as do you!!
Love the polaroid framing too.