About Me

Please be aware that due to a technical hitch (me) I have lost ALL of my photos on my blog posts prior to October 2011. I have reworked some of the posts to replace them but not all. If you move back through older posts you will find them missing so please accept my apologies.

Hi, I'm Wendy, I started this blog in May 2007 to both try out blogging and to record a new phase of my life as I moved from working (very) full time into my 'career break' period - by choice. It includes all sorts of daily ramblings, photos and scrapping layouts so feel free to use the labels down the page to home in on posts of interest to you.

6+ years on and I am still at home happily by choice but my blog entries can be a tad patchy to say the least lol. Lots of changes in that time and still lots going on - so far I still don't miss work and I have no idea how I ever managed to work full time, let alone the hours I used to put in.

I decided a while back to use pseudonyms for my family as one never knows who might be watching and it adds to the fun a little as well.

I have already started this in using t’hubby for my lovely husband – this does however run the risk of divorce if he spots it.

For my grown up son we have The Boy B, bit boring I know but he’s had this name for ever although it is usually followed by his full surname. For his wife (they married in April this year) I am going to use Diamond. this is stemming from the ancient advert ‘Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders’, remember it? Because she really does ‘work wonders’ with The Boy B. Not only does she have him properly trained where doing his bit is concerned but she also puts up with the big kid and all his gaming and ‘not quite grown up’ behaviour lol

For my 2 lovely daughters we have Grumpy and Tattyhead - although I have to say that I’ve not actually agreed Tattyhead with youngest little darling so I may be in trouble there too. Tattyhead is simply because as a toddler and young child she often had a tatty head, and Grumpy I think is self explanatory

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

Please note, all photo's are covered by copyright © to myself