Monday, 9 May 2011

Katie Melua and The Space Invaders

T’hubby and I had the chance to see Katie Melua live last night at The Apollo in Manchester. We have seen her before a few years ago and, once again, her performance was spot on. She opened with ‘Call off the search’ and proceeded to perform a mixture of old classics and current titles from her newest album ‘The House’. Her encore kicked off with ‘9 Million Bicycles’ much to our delight as we’d used the instrumental elements as our ‘walk down the isle’ music back in 2009. One performance in particular made me smile more than the others though. ‘Who Are You?’ The song was accompanied by a large screen video back drop of, basically, Space Invaders.

It took me back to the days when I spent may a hour perfecting my skills at the table top version accompanied by the obligatory half of lager – OMG what a thing to be admitting to lol. I became rather good at it though and I was an expert at angling my shots so that the bottom right or left alien were left until last (they’re usually the first to go) so that I received the maximum bonus points. Eventually interest in this machine waned and I moved onto ‘Asteroids’ This was a stand up machine and so I probably consumed less alcohol as a result lol. Again though I did get rather good and could regularly achieve the highest scores – I used to LOVE it. Sigh, its a good many years ago now though.

Seeing those little aliens on the screen did pique my interest. Did you know you can buy an original Tatio Space Invaders on eBay for a mere £595, or I could get an Asteroids machine for just £3000 – when its back in stock that is!!

I think I’ll settle for my memories, they’re free – apart from which, these things are never quite the same years later are they? I’ll leave you with a video of Katie’s performance from an earlier concert that I found on YouTube, I hope you enjoy it.

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Wendy xx


Jane said...

I can remember playing those games too, but without the lager!!

Alison said...

I have to say that I was never 'in' to any of these types of games..glad you enjoyed the concert and thanks for stopping by!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

I saw her on Saturday night at the Sage, Newcastle and she was fantastic - started with "The closest thing to crazy". I got a bit distracted through "The Flood" - all those half naked men :0)

Jimjams said...

I admit to wasting many an hour on Space Invaders in the Union Bar between, after and even during lectures! Happy days ;-)

Jimjams said...

Blogger lost my comment I think :o(

I remember Space Invaders - they helped me while away many an hour before, between, after and even during lectures :D

Thanks for the link to IKEA Goddess by the way - got some other useful tips/freebies from it!