Wednesday, 11 May 2011

On this Day - 2008

Kirkstone pass

May 11th 2008. This photo tells me that we’re at the top of the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District, perhaps we stopped for a bite to eat, or maybe a drink. It looks like we sat outside so the weather must have been pretty good and I’ve not included any folk in the shot so I guess it may have been busy. Actually I know the weather was good and I know that we stopped for a very late lunch because the other photos around this date tell me exactly where we were and what we were doing – It was our Porsche weekend.

T’hubby had turned 50 in the January and as a special present I had bought him a Porsche Boxster for the weekend. Well a Boxster isn’t much use in January is it and so we’d booked the actual weekend for later in the year. We were so very lucky with the weather, it was gorgeous and the top was down pretty much all of the time. We wanted to ‘experience’ the car and so we drove all the way up to Northumberland avoiding motorways as much as possible. We spent two nights in a lovely little b&b in an off the beaten track village whose name escapes me presently. We visited Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle in addition to numerous other pretty little villages and coastal towns along the way. For our return journey we drove down through the lakes with our final stop en-route being captured above. A truly magical weekend.

What do your photos tell you about ‘today’ in previous years?

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Wendy xx


helena said...

great question - just went to look - a year ago I was in Australia and came uponn fishermen gutting fish with gulls, pelicans, a seal and a stingray waiting for scraps - magical. Thanks for prompting me to go and look

Sian said...

I think a year ago I was sitting eating my lunch thinking that this time next year my son would be off revising for his GCSE's. And now he is.

That certainly sounds like a lovely weekend.

debs14 said...

May 2008 would have seen my daughter studying for her final exams and LEAVING university and my son studying for his A levels in preparation of GOING to university! 2008 was a year of important exams. Would much rather have been touring round the Lakes in a Porsche!

Beverly said...

Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate a 50th :)