Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A year ago today

Well well well, I would never have thought to look back into my blog to see what I posted about this time last year. To be honest, I did rather expect to find zilch as my posting, since I started, has been sporadic to say the least. But no, there in front of me was a post from the 6th April 2010. It was just a short one with one photo, full of excited tension and I remember the day well. You can, if you really want to, see the post here but believe me there isn’t much to it and I’ll have to explain it all in this post to make any sense anyway. Lol, the title of it is ‘Long time no blog’ which pretty much sums me up.

DSC03211 copy

The post talks about the fact that we were (im)patiently waiting to find out if our offer on this gorgeous little cottage had been accepted. Gosh I can remember just how I felt; nervous, excited, apprehensive, aaarrrghhhh – I just wanted to KNOW, didn’t that Estate Agent know just how mega important this was?? I guess not because it took them hours, all day in fact, and finally when the office had closed for the day I had to accept that they weren't going to tell us yet. Still once the office had closed I could relax a little, until the next morning that was, when it started up all over again. Phew, it was a nerve wracking time, really draining actually. But on day two we did get the call ……..


……  it was a no. NO, how can that be! Someone had put the same offer in as ours just earlier and, after much deliberation, the vendors had decided to go with the folks who’d made the first offer - there was nothing else to split us. Pete was devastated, he had completely fallen in love with it and although I didn’t blog about just how sad it made us, that too I can remember vividly. We sat around for a while feeling sorry for ourselves but gradually we moved on. We’d been umming and ahhing (how do you spell that, I googled to check and that was the general consensus, well on one site anyway lol) about stuff but now we committed to extensive work at the back of our house and we decided to take a break, just the two of us. It was meant to be Ibiza but we fell foul of the ash cloud and ended up driving across to France. We did have a wonderful time though and little did we know that this would be our last break in our little car – I must come back to that point.

Topless 900

The break was really rather liberating, we had no accommodation booked, we just set off. Above, I think Pete is just about to telephone some hotel, somewhere where we thought it might be good to head. Neither of us had holidayed this way before and I loved it, although we did have one occasion where we’d spotted a nice looking place in a book and were heading towards it but couldn't get in touch with anyone for hours but it all turned out well in the end.

Back home the date was scheduled for work to commence and we’d started tentatively looking at other properties again. The weekend before the work started we had a nosy at this property here – The Old School House.


Isn’t it picture postcard material. It was gorgeous and had a wonderful character inside, even the coat pegs were still there. It wasn’t without potential problems though and so, although we loved it, it wasn’t a dead cert. However, then the estate agent dropped his bombshell - the purchasers had pulled out and the original cottage was ours if we wanted it.

IF, IF – well what do you think we did?

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Wendy xx


Sian said...

You tell a GREAT story! Another post of yours I have really enjoyed reading. And that schoolhouse looks amazing..

Cheri said...

So you got the cottage... and what does it look like today???

helena said...

I agree with Sian you have a great storytelling style

Love that cottage

Beverly said...

Yours is the first "look back" story I have read to day and you did it beautifully. I am thinking you got the cottage which is so lovely, the old school house is as well!

Margie S said...

Gorgeous cottage! So fun to reminisce, isn't it? I enjoyed reminiscing with you (or 'listening' while you did, anyway!)

Maya said...

Now I can't wait to know more! :) The cottage looks gorgeous! But I do like the old school house as well!

Alison said...

Great story..and 'm guessing yo went for the cottage?
Alison xx

Donna said...

I loved reading your story and I'd love to see your little cottage now - you did buy it, right?

Ginger said...

Love that cottage! What a wonderful place to spend your time!