Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Colour Inspiration

IMG_1546 copy

You just cannot beat the colour combinations that can be found in nature. Oh, as scrapbookers we conjure up some combos that come a close second but its the natural pairings that never fail to lift my spirits. I think if I absolutely had to choose a favourite colour it would probably be green, hmmm, with sky blue a close second.  Actually, throw it a bit of sunshine and I would be permanently happy. I can still remember the feeling that I used to get many years ago (as a teenager) when I walked along a particular alley way. Don’t get me wrong, the alley way was nothing special. It ran between a road close to my parents home and the main road upon which my friend Annette lived. The alley was often full of rubbish and certainly wasn’t a suitable short cut at night but on a spring or summers day it could make my heart sing. I’d walk along and look up through the canopy of overhanging branches to the blue sky beyond and is just made me happy – big time. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I’d probably just extracted myself from whatever chores I was meant to be doing, at least I don’t think it did anyway lol. The shot above is far more recent than that but it still  captures the spirit I recall wonderfully. Now, as I look around my home I can see these colours adorning my favourite rooms (well, the ones we’ve worked on so far at any rate) but there are lots of other colour combinations that I love.

Tulips 2

These tulips just scream springtime don’t they and I love the red and yellow alongside the green but it isn’t a combination I’d use (I don’t think) in my home. For me, alongside preserving the memories, that’s what scrapbooking allows me to do – Interior design try outs in miniature. Oh I know they don’t translate into room designs but it fulfils a need to play with different combinations without breaking the bank. Unfortunately I don’t get a completely free reign around the house, the girlies are no longer girly girls and Pete prefers neutral colour schemes, consequently I’ve not yet managed to incorporate the colour combination below but I’m working on it – watch this space.


An old layout in Pink and Green from a few years ago.

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Wendy xx


Melissa said...

Beautiful spring photos! I like the circle around the photo in that layout - very nice.

Lisa Echerd said...

You are so right! With scrapbooking and other papercrafts, we can play with all kinds of color combos we might not choose to decorate with or wear. Wisteria is in full bloom here and it made me want to scrap in purple!

Kimberlee said...

I really like the idea of finding inspiration around you. I forget about those simple things sometimes and it would really come in useful when I'm feeling stumped and uncreative. Nice LO. :)

Sian said...

Lovely photos, lovely layout and a wonderfully evocative post! For me it conjured up memories of one particular walk home from school. I'll never forget it because it was springy and sunny and I didn't see a car the whole way - it was perfectly quiet. Wouldn't happen now, of course!