Monday, 18 April 2011

Well hello there beautiful smile

With our road trip safely concluded, Monday morning dawned with blue skies and sunshine. I had a new class starting (Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers – BBfS) and a new phase was dawning for eldest daughter too.

The journey to this beautiful smile started more than three years ago when a referral to the consultant orthodontist at the local hospital resulted in an extensive treatment plan being designed for the eldest of my Girlies. Oh we had the usual crooked teeth but we also had a misaligned jaw, in other words DD’s bottom jaw was too far back! I’d never heard of this before and I’d certainly never noticed it but, of course, as soon as its pointed out to you it stands out a mile – How could I not have noticed this in my baby before now, I must be a bad, bad mother? Anyhow, the main man himself advised us to pick a local orthodontist and start the work as soon as possible. This we did and so almost three years ago we started. First it was the retainers to move the bottom jaw and after a year of those the good old tramlines were fitted. We’ve had our ups and downs with this process; most notably when she left her retainers on a restaurant table, discreetly covered by a napkin I might add, and didn’t realise for an hour! Bad enough you’d think but given that this took place in a lovely, but busy restaurant at the heart of San Gimignano in Italy with T’hubby and I only possessing rudimentary Italian and you perhaps begin to get the picture.

san gimignano

Fabulous place to visit and thankfully they have a good sense of humour too, I can thoroughly recommend it. After hurriedly returning to the restaurant T’hubby did manage to convey that ‘daughter had left her teeth in napkin on table’. Much scurrying and rummaging (there’s that word again) through the BINS later a sudden ‘Ta Da’ was declared. ‘Gracia, gracia’ said T’hubby ‘ but there’s another one!’

They did find them both and took great delight in presenting them to a rather shy daughter of mine, accompanied by a generous round of applause from the audience, oops sorry, the diners.

And so the eldest of my Girlies started today with her beloved (she had grown rather fond of them you see) tramlines still in place. She was really quite nervous about having them removed, she was worried they might have marked her teeth and I think she had just grown so used to them that she didn’t know what to expect. She actually didn’t think she was going to like being without them. She was in the chair for quite a while having the metal work and cement removed but eventually it was finished. She didn’t look in the mirror until back at the car …………..

………………  she hasn’t stopped looking at herself and smiling since.

Today, this is THE most beautiful smile in the world. And, yes, I am biased and I don’t mind admitting it.

Me being me, I still need to work on the first prompt for BBfS but I think I’ll come back to that when I can. For now, I hope your day has been as full of smiles as mine, thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx


Jo.C said...

What a fantastic smile - Definitely worth the wait :0)

Melissa said...

Oh, reminds me of the day I got my braces off - spent the whole day looking in the mirror, too. She does have a beautiful smile!

anneberit said...

Such a good reason to smile! :)

debs14 said...

Don't they look fab when the 'train tracks' come off? All those months of discomfort are well worth it. What a gorgeous smile!

Irene said...

Yes! I've been through this with my son and daughter too. Beautiful smile!

Jinnag said...

You are right - it is the most beautiful smile in the world! :)
J x

Beverly said...

What an absolutely gorgeous smile! definitely post worthy :) Have been there with both sons then finally my dh decided I was right after all and he deserved them too. He'll get them off in Sept at the age of 48 :)

Sian said...

A stunning smile! My DD is about six months into exactly the same process for the same thing, her jaw. I have just showed her your lovely photo to cheer her on!

Cheri said...

She does have an absolutely gorgeous smile! I went through the same thing with ALL THREE of my girls! I hate to think how much money I gave the orthodontist over the years (not covered by our health insurance).