Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Day in the Life – Part 1

It started late, I blame eldest dd. She’d kept my phone overnight and so I had no alarm to wake me, consequently it was 08:08 before I even stirred for the first time. Second time was 08:25, this time I forced my eyes to stay open one at a time and I reached for the laptop. Time to check in with the world and see what was happening in blogland.

09:00 I finally got out of bed and into the shower.

09:30 saw the first load of washing out on the line, and the first poo collection – important point this, maybe I’ll explain that one later. What a glorious day it is looking to be with clear blue skies and a gentle warmth in the air already. Actually its hot in our kitchen. I desperately need to get roof blinds sorted for the conservatory end, otherwise we are going to roast.

10:00 Second load of washing is on, my toast is cooling (hmm, are you a hot or a cold toast person?) the kettle has boiled (twice now) but is cooling a little ready to make my coffee. I thought perhaps I’d start typing this up – whether it ever actually gets published remains to be seen, especially as at this point I have no idea what todays prompt from Shimelle is going to be.

I tried to catch the steam and the furious whistling but failed miserably

10:10 Ah, kettle had cooled a little too much, boiling now for the third time.

10:20 Breakfast outside on the bench, ok the washing is shading the bench a little, bit of a logistical error by me there but hey, I wasn’t awake enough to realise I’d be breakfasting al fresco. Scrummy seeded toasted bread with lashings of t’hubby’s homemade marmalade, obligatory cup of coffee and there we can see the Maisy Monster waiting for her daily toast titbits.

10:35 Ok today's prompt is not actually a post so I guess this meandering gibberish might actually get posted. Now though, if I’m not careful I’ll not have ‘done’ anything else because I’ll be lost in Blogland!

10:55 See what I mean, I’m still here!!

OMG, can you see how dirty my windows are – more work!

11:25 Well, I managed to tear myself away from my laptop for a little while, although I did pop back and tidy up my sidebar just a little. The washing from yesterday got sorted and put away. I hate, with a passion, pairing the socks – especially the black ones. Often not helped by the fact that youngest dd has a tendency to wear odd socks by choice ok they’re not black ones but it still adds to the frustration. This little sortie only added a single item to the ironing mountain but that damn clothes line is FULL of stuff that’s going to be added to this here little pile!

I’d love to be able to show you a before and after shot (you know the one where the second shot is an empty basket) but it just aint gonna happen. I CAN’T STAND IRONING. Hmm and have just realised (as I buried a handful of black socks that I couldn’t pair down inside the ironing basket) that a good portion of the mountain might actually be socks!

11:55 Third load of washing is on, second load is on line and (hangs head in shame) tumble dryer is on. I’ll have to explain myself later as I need now to dash out, pick up youngest dd from my sisters where she stayed the night and then pop in on my Mum.

Say hello to my Mum

13:05 Back home I’ve uploaded and tarted up the shots I want to use, now I think it’s time for a coffee and a bit of a read sat in the sunshine.

13:30 Aaaarrrghhh, not managed to get that coffee yet as I decided to have  a quick look at whether I could add a poll here. Guess what, I can’t in Live Writer no matter what plug-in I add, aaarrrgghhh.

13:40 Ok, I think enough is enough I don’t want to bore you any more than I have so far. I am leaving this here and calling it Part 1. At some point I want to post the poll asking if you’re a ‘hot’ or a ‘cold’ toast person but I don’t want to resort to normal blogger posting so we’ll see.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have persevered and read the whole lot, a whole load of extra thanks go to you (but you must be mad), please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx



Sian said...

Cold toast, definitely! And I'm delighted to meet someone else who realises there is a difference.

And hello to your mum!

debs14 said...

Cold, crispy toast for me, and just lightly toasted too, can't bear any burnt bits! Isn't it lovely to breakfast in the sunshine? Long may this weather last!

Linda said...

hot toast for me, dripping with butter and marmalade is my favourite topping! Great blog post!

Jane said...

I had the same problem with live writer had to do it through blogger

Margie S said...

Warm & crispy - definitely not hard or burnt! Blech. Cold toast makes me think of my friend who liked to drink a six pack of warm Diet Coke any time she was upset - completely unappealing (to me, please don't take offense! LOL). Though, I do, on occasion, eat cold toast if I've already tried to warm up my cold toast once and it is just time to have something to eat already. 'Hi, to Mum!' I loved how you included her in your post.

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

Um...got any bagels? I'm not a big fan of toast. :)

I haven't seen nor even thought of hanging clothes on a line since...well, since I was a kid and my mom did it. It was so fun to go rushing through the sheets, taking in that sweet, fresh smell and feeling their softness against my cheeks. Of course, Mom always got after us...

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great post! Popping in from BBFS! This would make a great layout and perfect for this week's challenge at LogYourMemory.com too! xoxo

Ginger said...

Your day has been not a bit boring :) I'd say very busy!! I've tried to stop eating bread, it's very difficult you know... but when I do eat it, I love it with butter and jam any kind really, or even honey... love honey :)

Alison said...

Hot toast with butter and marmalade please! Hope your good weather continues!
Alison xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I find it best to copy & paste code from a place like polldaddy on the the 'source' tab of the post you are creating in Live Writer. I've never found a decent plug in for polls.

I like my toast hot.

Gem's Crafts said...

Definitely hot toast with melted butter, every time. And on the subject of socks my OH never wears matching socks, so we don't pair them! Just put them loose int eh sock drawer, so much easier!