Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A well earned rest

Today (before I get Shimelle’s prompt) I thought I’d share an old layout  chosen randomly. The photo was taken nearly 11 years ago so my Girlies were 5 & 4 (well almost 4) and it was taken the day before we very, very nearly reached the top of Scafell Pike – Tell you what, I’ll let you read the journaling for yourself.

Stage 2

Now my dilemma is that, as this is a digital page, I should post the credits for all the elements used only I can’t remember them and I have no way of identifying them without trawling back through all my folders storing my digi stuff. I have had a quick look but to no avail. In this case its not too many elements as its the alpha, flowers, bird and butterfly and I suspect they’re by Kate Hadfield but I can’t be sure. On other layouts the list could be far, far more extensive. When I first created this I will have posted it to an online gallery with all the relevant details but of course, over time, galleries are culled. I’ve also searched my blog but I don’t appear to have posted it previously. I must admit that it has me wondering if I am missing a trick somewhere, in digi or traditional, for a certain level of information – or indeed whether it matters (credits aside of course as they DO matter). And so I apologise for not being able to list the designer, its not by choice.

As I said, I chose this one randomly but its one that always brings a smile to my face and pleasant memories flooding back. And that for me - is what its all about.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx


helena said...

lovely layout - I understadn why you smile when you see it

I grapple with the issue of recording the info to credit digi elements - not found a solution that works for me yet

Sian said...

It's a great page! I think, especially with an older page, a quick mention of the manu details is fine. I use a lot of bits and pieces on my pages and an exhaustive list would just be too long on every blog post. But I'm interested to know what other folk think about this..

Jane said...

I have trouble crediting old digi stuff, I wasn't very organised then, not that I am now!

Melissa said...

A great layout - definitely a photo worth highlight!

Gem's Crafts said...

Love your LO, and if you hadn't said, I wouldn't have known it was digi!

debs14 said...

It's such a lovely happy page, love the little flowers in the front of the photo.
I'm not a digi scrapper so I don't know about all the credit business, and I rarely remember which make of papers and embellishments I use either! I pick things out of my piles of papers and by the time I've photographed it and tidied up, all evidence of makes and designs is consigned to the waste paper bin!

scrappyjacky said...

A lovely photo...made into a great page.
I sometimes list where stuff has come from [though I think some readers may find this boring]but frequently I don't remember....I don't think it really matters....unless it's a scraplift or something like that....and then I always say where the idea came from.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I think you are probably right that it looks like Kate Hadfield. I have also run into this problem recently because I had depended on one gallery and then the site was closed and I didn't save all the digi info. I guess my blog has to be my backup. xoxo

Wanda said...

I'm a digi-scrapper too. I'm pretty compulsive but after a couple of false starts I've settled on ACDSee to keep track of my stash. I try to be careful about crediting everything I use although I usually only credit an entire kit, not each separate piece.

I'll pass along a couple of methods I've learned along the way. Some people put a layer beneath their base layer and add all the credit info there. The method I use, though, is to just create a .doc or .txt file that combines comments (challenge details, etc.), journaling (because gallery shots can be difficult to read), and credits. I save the .doc/.txt file along with the layered, flattened, and .jpg versions of the file so I can go back later if necessary to find a favored paper or embellishment.