Thursday, 21 April 2011

I may be a while & Introducing us

I am going to apologise in advance for the fact that I am more than likely going to be a delinquent BBfS participant over the next few days – ‘wind up internet mode’ brings out the worst in me as I just don’t have the patience.

In the meantime I am going to get some naming conventions sorted. I love how you clever folk out there have pseudonyms in blogland for your loved ones. I completely ‘get it’ and I am going to (unashamedly) copy you all.

Xmas 4

You must excuse this very ‘au naturel’ shot, twas taken in a hurry at Christmas

I have already started this in using t’hubby for my lovely husband – this does however run the risk of divorce if he spots it.

For my grown up son we have The Boy B, bit boring I know but he’s had this name for ever although it is usually followed by his full surname.

For my 2 lovely daughters we have Grumpy & Tattyhead - although I have to say that I’ve not actually agreed Tattyhead with youngest little darling so I may be in trouble there too. Tattyhead is simply because as a toddler and young child she often had a tatty head, as can be seen below wonderfully, and Grumpy I think is self explanatory – but she does have a gorgeous new smile Smile

Beccy 10001

There is a story behind this sad little face.

Collectively they’re often know as either The Girlies or Triple T’s (two truculent teenagers) depending on how I feel about them at the time lol.


Mad Dog Maisy is, well, Mad Dog Maisy also sometimes known as The Maisy Monster

And so now you’ve been formally introduced to our little family, there are others that will make an appearance from time to time like my Mum whom you met the other day and my sister and her offspring - I’ll just make their names up as I go along though.

Finally and lol, I don’t believe I am actually about to share this – I present a really, really old layout – one of my very early ones but it does tell the tale of that sad little face. I think you can just about read the journaling if you click on the layout.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx   (hmm, maybe I need a pseudonym too – answers on a postcard please)


MonicaB said...

Found you from BBFS. I've been thinking about doing the same on my blog. Right now it's my oldest, middle and youngest. I think they need names. Wonderful post.

Linda said...

LOL at the names of your family! I had a 'tatty head' too! She is 19 now and spends hours having her hair dyed and straightening it! (just pooping in from Shimelle's class)

Sian said...

Well, I'm delighted to meet the family!

Alison said...

I DO like it when we get to meet the family!

Melissa said...

Fun names that will definitely makes reading your posts interesting!

Margie S said...

I love the way you write. And fun to meet the family.

scrappyjacky said...

Lovely to be introduced to them all.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great family portrait!!! And I love that layout, even if it is older!!!! So cute! xoxo

debs14 said...

How nice to meet you all!
When I was little, my sister was known as 'Dinner Whine' as she used to moan all the way through dinner and I was 'Ginger Whine' because, well, I had ginger hair and I guess I must have had my moments in the whining department!

Miriam said...

I am also happy to meet you & your family, such a lovely photo of you all!
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment on my blog, I have just finished work for the Easter weekend Hooray!!!! I will be catching up over the weekend. I get so behind on the forum chat. I can't wait to look around you blog Wendy, it is so chatty and friendly x

Gem's Crafts said...

How great to meet the family, but to find out the explanations about the names too :)

Cheri said...

So nice to meet your family! Lovely photo. I also have truculent teens, but with the advent of Facebook, they have their names all over the internet anyway, so I haven't worried about pseudonyms. Unless you count the post where I dubbed them "Leadfoot and Fraidycat". It was awhile ago, but I do recall the joys of new drivers...ick.