Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Carpe Diem

Sometimes you just have to do things no matter that they don’t make a whole load of sense when you sit down and think them through.  I’m glad though that I can still be spontaneous and then, more importantly, stick to it. I know I’m more this way inclined than my parents ever were; far, far more so than my sister is or ever will be; more so than T’hubby and at least two of my darling offspring but I don’t know why it can differ so in folk.

I think spontaneity is something that you can lose with age too, I know my Mom needs to have trips planned well in advance and be well aware of the timescales involved in each step. That said, this is the same woman that spent in excess of 36 hours (including overnight) stuck on a snowbound coach on the motorway just south of Glasgow last December. She’s 75 and when I spoke to her briefly, as they were just about to settle down for the night, she was just knuckling down and getting on with it. Go girl go !!

Of course some spontaneity is dependant on other things; like being able to afford to do whatever it is that has just sprung to mind; having the time to do it or just plain being able to abandon whatever daily routine needs to be abandoned in order to fulfil this sudden desire. Often though the rewards can be so wonderful that whatever extra work you may have created for yourself to go back to pales into insignificance.

I think I’ve done a fair few spontaneous things in my life some little, some big but as for right now I’m currently sat in a hotel room in Dumfries, Scotland. My daughters are in their own room a few doors away and T’hubby is on his way back to us from a meeting in Stranraer. We arrived here at 11:00 this morning after a 07:00 start at home in the Midlands. T’hubby has a meeting first thing in the morning and once done we’ll set off again on the 4 hour drive back home. The girls will be dropped off and the two of us will pack another bag and drive down to Hayling Island to visit friends, with T’hubby working from Hook on the Friday. Sunday we’ll zip back up the motorway and gratefully step over our very own threshold at home. It doesn’t last though because by Thursday we’re off again.

What has all this to do with spontaneity I here you ask? Well, we (the girls and I) don’t need to be here, we could have stayed home but a spur of the moment idea about accompanying T’hubby so that he didn’t have a 5.5 hour drive each way on his own resulted in this trip – Even though it meant that on Thursday we’d be driving almost from one end of the country to the other and even though the girls stated that they’d much rather stay home – sometimes these things just have to be done.

The upshot though is that I’ve just spent a wonderful day with my daughters. We’ve shopped (although we did do that yesterday too but in Shrewsbury!), we enjoyed a lunchtime snack in Subway, we’ve enjoyed using the leisure facilities in the hotel – we swam, well after a fashion anyway I think more laughing went on than swimming;  we used the Jacuzzi and the girls have tried a steam room for the first time.  Ahead of us we have a nice evening meal planned, perhaps partaking of the pool again in the morning and then the trip home.

But I have to say that my triple t’s (two truculent teenagers) have been a pleasure to be with – all day long. Sigh, I am a happy contented Mommy right now – I am deliberately not thinking about the fact that it won’t last lol.

So, what’s your last bit of spontaneity and if you don’t have any – go try it?

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ETA – Post written on Wednesday evening just delayed by slow internet and travelling.

Wendy xx


Alison said...

A touch of spontaneity is definately good for the soul! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip
Alison xx

Georgia Visacri said...

Hi Wendy :) :)
You're so right! your post came as a lesson for me: I really should be more spontaneous once in a while in my life! this definetely has never been something I am...
TFS and have a great week!