Monday, 21 March 2011

A Lovely Weekend



Ant and Chaz joined us at the cottage this weekend, it was their first time. Glad to say they loved it and we had a truly lovely weekend. Saturday was spent at Barmouth, a large part of which took place on the beach - Maisy’s most favourite location ever. Ant had his DSLR with him and was determined to capture her galloping along the beach. Maisy was, of course, more than happy to oblige and above you can see one of his shots. It was also the weekend for moon watching, with the moon being closer to earth than it has been for x number of years – I can’t remember how many but I do know that its 20 years before its this close again. The moonlight at the cottage on Saturday night was brighter than we have ever seen it there and so I’ll leave you with the close-up shot that Ant captured of the moon herself.


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