Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More Gorgeousness


Dream Homes Country

Just lately I have been back to lusting over anything to do with Interior Design. To that end I purchased these two books to fill my need for copious amounts of piccies or gorgeous rooms. I had checked out the second book already in my local bookstore and couldn’t wait to get a hold of it myself. The country home one is pretty damn good too although I was a tad disappointed to find some home repeated across the two books. With hindsight, I shouldn’t really be that surprised and as there aren’t too many it’s not enough to make me regret my purchase.

Dream Homes

My next piece of gorgeousness is this yummy bag. Listed as a shopper I’m using mine to store my current reading material, but I am expecting to be able to put the laptop into it too.

Savannah Shopper

I first spotted, and lusted over, it online at Nkuku whilst investigating a possible business venture. The lovely photos you see here are taken from Nkuku’s site – the photography over there is really rather good, helped I think by some beautiful items for sale. Anyway, the second I saw it I loved it but it had a pretty hefty retail price tag that I couldn’t justify. But as the saying goes ‘good things come to those that wait’ and woohoo I found one in a sale at a little shop in Shrewsbury last week. I walked away first off to think about it – it was still a fair price BUT it was a good deal cheaper than I’d previously seen. And so I decided that sometimes things are just meant to be Smile

Savannah Shopper 2

I have to say that once home it didn’t disappoint and I’m fully expecting this fledgling relationship to develop into something that lasts for years.

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