Monday, 10 January 2011

Another year ……… Another bad start to the blog ………

One day I will get there, I will be organised, I will blog (I will have something interesting to blog about – but maybe that’s a step too far) and I will enjoy it.  Not today (aka THIS year) though by the looks of it.  It’s the 10th of January 2011 and this is my first entry since early last month.  No point wittering on about everything that has happened since my last post – too much there.  But perhaps I can manage to take stock on a couple of things to get myself up to date.
Christmas 2010 copy
I thoroughly enjoyed CJ’s 12 days of Christmas and I was really quite pleased with some of the shots I contributed. It really got me fired up to use my camera again, to such an extent that I requested extra bits and pieces for Christmas and I have to say that I’m really pleased with all of them.  Last week we had one final challenge – To put together our favourite six shots, either from the course or taken over the Christmas period.  As always, I found myself rushing it and I think that I could have done better but hey ho! Our family shot is a tad too ‘au naturel’ for my liking but as I nearly forgot to get one done at all before Anthony disappeared back off to Manchester, I guess I should just be thankful. Talking of Anthony, he’s only gone and managed to get himself booked on a holiday in June to Tulum!! My most lusted after destination that I have still to achieve, aaaarrrrggghhh – how come a child of mine gets there before me.
Ok, rant over, what else have we/I been up to. We did have a wonderful Christmas and over this last weekend Pete has also celebrated his birthday (at the cottage). So there seems to have been lots of present buying and wrapping for well over a month now (we started with my birthday on the 6th December).  Lots of gadgets, books, magazines etc etc to get stuck into still. Just before Christmas stove man did manage to get to the cottage (the snow thawed for a little while) long enough to install our multi fuel stove. However, with one thing and another it has taken us until this weekend just gone to get there and see it for ourselves. It is wonderful, I really can’t say more than that. We managed to get the cottage warmer than its ever been and I think that is just the start.
IMG_7280 copy
For his birthday, Pete wanted to walk Maisy along the beach at Barmouth. It was touch and go as to whether the weather would play ball or not but eventually as we neared our destination the rain stopped and the skies cleared.  It was so cold along that beach though, even Maisy stayed out of the sea more that she’d normally do. After our walk we deposited our backsides on the benches outside Dave’s Locker for a bite to eat before a quick shop at The Co-Op and then back to the cottage.

Back a the cottage we had a delicious two course meal, that Pete insisted upon cooking, followed by a lovely cosy evening. Pete’s asthma did flare up again – that’s almost every visit to the cottage I think – but it didn’t detract from a rather pleasant weekend. I took loads of photos of each room so that I can get down to some serious planning on how to decorate and move us forward.

Thanks for dropping by.
  Wendy x

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