Friday, 26 February 2010

Places I want to visit - Tulum, Mexico

I came across this extract in the 'Most incredible tropical paradises' section of '1000 Ultimate Experiences'.

Make no mistake, Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, is one of the world's premier beaches. It features 7km of the finest powder sand, perfect blue water ripped straight out of your dreams and the beach's famous, unpowered, cabana-style accommodation right along the coastline. Not enough for you? (Some people are hard to please) For added value, backing onto Tulum is something amazing: the ruins of a 6th-century Maya walled city (tulum is the Maya word for wall), possibly the most majestic backdrop of any beach in the world.

Now with a description like this, even without photos, I was sold. Unfortunately I forgot about it when booking our family holiday for this year and booked Crete. Now that's ok because Crete is somewhere else I've wanted to visit for a long time but I've since looked st some piccies of Tulum and Oh my, I NEED to go there.

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Janice said...

Hi Wendy,
Just have a browse of you work from Saturday and saw your post about Tulum. I am very fortunate to have visited there from a holiday to Cancun - have to say it truly is the most idyllic place I have ever been too! Hope you make it there one day.
It was lovely to meet you Saturday - hope we get to meet again soon.