Thursday, 18 November 2010


Where is the time going, all of a sudden we’re nearing the end of 2010 and that means Christmas can’t be far away!  We seem to have had lots going on and that’s the scene for the next few weeks and probably through to the end of the year.  We’re hopeful that we’ll have the wood burner installed at the cottage before Christmas and that I am really looking forward to.  We took Giselle and Mark to meet the cottage last weekend and had a wonderful time including a massive shop at the yearly Laura Ashley sale held at the old abandoned factory at Carno. We fully intend going next year too, this time armed with measurements! We managed a trip to the beach for Maisy and a fab evening of copious amounts of food, drink and Mexican train along with lots of laughs. I need to get cracking on Christmas presents and all that stuff. I must sort out a new tree for the cottage and now I feel we need to decorate the conservatory (above) as we spend so much time in there. Of course, Pete doesn’t quite agree but hey ho! on a sadder note, I decided to cancel my GoGo subscription. I haven’t done any real scrapping since June and I have about 6 kits that just haven’t been touched. I’m not giving up on scrapping but just don’t seem to have the space for it at the moment. And so I made the decision – now perhaps i can justify that new tree, hmmmmm.

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