Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Stieg Larsson & The Cottage

Just before we left for Amsterdam last Friday, I started reading ‘The Girl With The Dragon tattoo’ and I loved it. I quickly devoured that one and started on the next ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’. This too was lapped up and finished off yesterday. My sister, to whom the books belong, hasn’t finished reading book three and so, despite my visible champing at the bit, I cannot borrow it yet. Plan B, apart from making some half decent music, was a definite requirement. And this is where the the good old library came up trumps again. I logged in at 11:15 last night and reserved the last available copy at my local branch. So, that’s where today’s journey must take me – yippee.
One of the things that struck in his books (Stieg Larsson) is that a lot of the characters have summer cabins – woohoo, so do we. I am itching to get back to the cottage. Our first stay after it became ours was lovely. The girls joined us and we had our first visitors for Sunday lunch in the form of Keith & Barbara. I had some ups and downs as I looked on some of the cracks etc that you don’t manage to spot before you buy, but overall all was well. I took flowers, we lit candles, Pete made scones and we had a truly magical weekend.

Our next trip will see us with a hired van, hopefully full of the larger items we need to get there. That does mean, however, that I need to get my act together and obtain said items. It will be the first weekend in October, which seems an age away, but I guess it’s actually only the weekend after next. I need to sort a small fridge freezer and a new bed, plus I need to decide what to do about settees. Do we take a couple from here and replace them with new or do we obtain some second-hand ones from somewhere for the cottage, and if so where from? The one thing we absolutely must do on our next visit is get the fire going. We have a massive inglenook and I am dying to see it in its full glory.
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