Thursday, 3 June 2010

Trials and Tribulations

This week is just flying by in a haze of ’stuff’. Because it rained all day on Tuesday the builders concentrated on erecting the temporary kitchen wall that is doubling as the back of the house until the fitters are done and the conservatory is secure.

Kitchen web

The builders are very good but still I am getting fed-up of it now, its dusty and noisy, cramped and limiting for Maisy plus there’s just no time to be crafty!! I did, however, have to get crafty yesterday morning. I was asked to do a reader challenge for ATDML and I had a deadline. I’ve submitted my layout today, well in advance of the deadline so can only share a sneak peek for now.

It felt good to do the challenge, which is to only use the ingredients you’re sent (apart from certain allowed items) and I did make full use of one of the extras allowed. Once it goes live on their blog I’ll post the full layout. There is a prize for the one with the most votes – I’ll not hold my breath through lol

Pete took some time off yesterday afternoon and we visited our kitchen man. Bless him, Adam has been very patient with us – I think we’re on design no. 6 and still not finally sorted. It will all be worth it in the end though – or so I keep on telling myself, and Adam! A little later we set off for a flying visit to Wales to meet the its current owner at Pant y Crwyni (I must look up what that means). We spent a very pleasant couple of hours there and it was nice to sit and spend that time in the property. There are some issues, well one quite big one regarding access but we’re hopeful that it will all turn out well. The evening was lovely though and the cottage was in full sun until it set behind the distant mountains – pure bliss.

Back in this world, the work on the conservatory continues. I think they are on schedule for the fitters next Monday, although I suspect I may be seeing them on Saturday too. Today’s excitement occurred when they hit a pipe feeding the radiator!! It was sorted quite quickly though and no real harm done, all adds to the spice of life doesn’t it.

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