Saturday, 5 June 2010

Clothed in the hollow and ‘well they’ve gone’

So, the literal translation for Pant Y Crwyni is ‘Hollow the we clothed’ and as it is situated in a valley not visible from the road I guess you could say that it is ‘clothed in the hollow’. Quite sweet I thought. Nothing to report on the cottage front as we need get the forms completed for the solicitor now we have the last piece of info.
hidcote01gI’ve been hunting around for just the right sofa for the extension and yesterday I came across this one. How gorgeous is this? The colour is perfect for what I have in mind and the size is spot on too. I don’t think I can justify it though, it’s a Lloyd Loom with corresponding price tag and it is, after all, mainly just for me to use during the day when there’s only Maisy and I at home (picture sad face here). Pete and I did pop to DFS of all places the other evening to have a look at a couple of contenders – they pale in comparison though.
‘Well they’ve gone’ – the builders that is. They spent the morning here finishing off their part of the work. Monday will see the fitters start then the week after will see the plumber, electrician and plaster all doing their bits. We’ll then have a gap until the 7th July before the kitchen fitting can commence. Our old kitchen is mainly still in place so it’s not too bad but I would like to see it finished now lol. I’m so impatient!
And last but not least, my England tee has finally seen the light of day. I thought it about time i started wearing it in readiness for next weekend. I love the World Cup and can’t wait for England’s first match a week today. Come On England…………
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