Monday, 7 June 2010

Maisy for England

No little doggies were harmed in the making of this I can assure you lol. It’s all down to Picnic, which is a wonderful little site and what I tend to use now to resize my photos for the web. I’m giving myself a metaphorical kick up the backside today. I need to get with it, need to get back into the zone. Need to be organised, get everything done, keep in touch with friends and family AND scrap. I’ve printed out the photo from Alton Towers that I gave the Hipstamatic treatment to last week and I’m hoping to get a layout done later with it. – Yes a ‘whole’ layout in just one day, don’t anyone hold their breath will you.

The fitters have cried off for today, running a day behind on their last job it seems. So really I should grab the opportunity to get myself out – just waiting for the surveyor to come and go.

Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

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