Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Locked in the kitchen

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh – The kitchen door has now seized up on me and I cannot open it at all, poor Maisy desperately keeps trying to pull it open so she can get outside but it just won’t budge. I don’t suppose it’s that surprising really. The door and frame have sat in a temporary wall that’s been knocked about for 2 weeks now and we’ve had to really slam it to get it to close for most of that time. It was always going to give up the ghost at some point. But it is so frustrating to not be able to open up your back door and get outside.

Rant over, just posting a set of self portraits of Bex that I persuaded her to send to me so that I can scrap them. She’s really very good at setting up shots and creating montages and shorts videos (set to music) out of them. Rock on girl!.


Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

ETA 10:00 Ok I’m back in, or out rather in this case :-) All is well with the world again lol

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