Sunday, 20 June 2010


Conservatory 1200

Life feels so extraordinarily hectic at the moment, and yes I know that in actual fact it is mostly self inflicted and I also know that we are far, far luckier than a good many people locally let around in the world as a whole – but still I am frazzled with everything that we have going on and everything that needs decisions on! As a consequence no crafty stuff seems to be happening at the moment and as I sit here on my tod with a little time to indulge, the big ‘mental’ list that’s sitting on my shoulder just won’t let me play lol.

Rather than bore you (or indeed myself) with any of the detail I’ll just leave you with the latest shot of where we’re at with the conservatory. This coming week should see work completed (plastering, electrics etc), we then have a few days respite before the kitchen is ripped out, the kitchen half of the room plastered, floor ripped up - all ready for work to start on the new kitchen on the 5th July. Still a way to go me thinks!

Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

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