Tuesday, 25 May 2010

So exciting….

Funny how things turn out. We were so disappointed when we didn’t get that little cottage a few weeks ago, disappointed and disillusioned.  Almost to the point of giving up, but not quite. We rallied and thought that we’d have another look around and so started looking at those that were a little more than the limit we’d set ourselves in case that enabled us to find something. With the promise of glorious weather I booked us a couple of viewings for last weekend. My favourite was always going to the the Gothic, Victorian School House and it was a dream to behold, so full of twists and turns along with bags of character.
Old school house
Our concern was that it was too good to be true, you were getting so very much for your money. It’s construction was slip formed unreinforced concrete and we’re guessing that somewhere along the lines that was the problem but to be honest I could find precious little about it anywhere on the internet. In the end it didn’t matter. As we were looking around the School House with the estate agents he dropped his bombshell – did we still want Pant-y-Crwyni (the little cottage from a few weeks ago) What – did we still want it, of course we did, didn’t we?
Pant y Crwni
Pete’s face was a picture, I think tortured is the only word I can use, you see he’d also fallen in love with the character of the School House. Decisions, decisions – the sale had fallen through in the previous 48 hours and because the estate agent knew he was seeing us he had held off re-advertising until we had been approached. We came away to think about it and we drove back up to see the cottage again (from the outside only) Decision made – Pete had been heartbroken last time, he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Yesterday we confirmed that our offer still stands and today we’ve had confirmation that it’s now sold subject to contract to us. Gosh, how exciting – and scary.
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