Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Preppy Mummy

Apparently that’s what I am today – A Preppy Mummy. It had started ordinarily enough with me trying to decide what to wear – no gym this morning as I needed to take Ems to the dentist so I was going to have to make a decision. It promised to be another lovely day and so summery was, I felt, in order. I settled on off-white cropped trews, a plain blue round necked tee and a 3/4 sleeve blue short cardigan in a very similar shade to my t-shirt. Next I looked for a simple necklace to wear and spotted a single, short strand of pearls – they’d do. And they did look nice but there in lies the clue, ‘nice’  A second opinion was required. “Do I look ok Ems, do I look a bit twee?”. She gave that look that teenagers have that says ‘What is this women on?’ without them having to utter a word. “Ok, do I look too co-ordinated, I don’t like to look like I’m trying?” “Neither do I, You look fine” was the eventual answer. An hour later we were sat in the dentist’s waiting room when she decided that I looked ‘preppy’, closely followed by “You look like an American Mom, you know those that drive their kids around in big cars, take them to the dentist and bake because their husband is the one out at work”. I thought for a second or two and then said “Preppy’s not good is it?” “No” she said.

I didn’t fancy a self portrait of preppy and so I googled it, this was my favourite.

Preppy Puppy Pink Dog Polo

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  Wendy x

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