Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Our Pack by Janice Warren

Finally got around to finishing off the last project from Game Over on Saturday. The making of the book is brilliant and I already have my next project of this kind forming in my mind, I even ordered the prints I need from Moo Cards yesterday. I'm hoping to make something for Mothers Day so I hope they arrive promptly. I decided to finish off my book from the weekend with some patterned paper covering the insides and the playing cards. Without further ado, here it is.

The front cover - I used the GoGo hybrids from last summer to create the bespoke playing cards.

Inside the front cover.

The book fully open.

Inside the back cover.

The back cover - Again I used the hybrids for the 4 Aces.

I'm really pleased with everything I did on Saturday and it's given me a bit of a kick up the backside. Sometimes I spend far too much time umming and aarring over the placement of 'stuff' I think I need to get a bit of speed scrapping into my portfolio lol.

Whilst I was enjoying myself on Saturday Pete was busy at home ripping out our old bathroom. I am so pleased we are getting this done, it was The Pits. You remember 'Advacado' bathroom suites, well we had its close cousin 'Pampas Grass'. I'm sure when we viewed the house I said that had to be the first thing to go, that was Oct 2007!! So we are currently without a bathroom, well apart from the downstairs cloakroom but no shower!! That was the one downside when we moved here, we lost the en-suite but we have gained so much more I think, I still love it here. Anyhow, all the new kit is arriving tomorrow along with Steve, Pete's brother and the two of them are set to fit it all starting Friday morning. Woohoo, can't wait, fingers crossed all goes well.

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