Monday, 1 March 2010

Hide and Seek by Sheena Rowlands

This, I think, will be the last post for today, there is one more class (no.4) after this but I think that one will take me a little more time and given that I have spent all day so far doing this, I think I best get on with something else. To be fair on myself I have been house bound today as the bathroom is being plastered and I think is just about finished as I type. So the 5th (and last) class of the day was designed and led by Sheena. This one involved lots of cutting out and I discovered that I'm not as quick at cutting as I thought lol. It's a lovely layout making good use of the hybrid alphas as well as using new and different techniques. It was Sheena's first class for GoGo and I thought she did brilliantly.  I've used an old photo taken when visiting LLangollen and it pictures a place, in the distance, called Worlds End - now how about that for a place name.

Hmm, now if I'd been smarter I could have saved some of these posts for other days when I struggle to think of something to write. Oh well, too late now lol

1 comment:

Sheena said...

It was great to see you again.
So pleased you had a great day and I love you version of "hide & seek" Many thanks for being patient with me .
Sheena x