Friday, 5 March 2010

The boy done good

And so the boy Bukowski did good. This morning he had his interview for the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) he's been working on and was successful. He now has a 'job' for three years with a brilliant salary for his age, time for further non degree related development and his PhD at the end of it. I am proud of my little lad, Well Done Ant xxx

Meanwhile, work is starting on the bathroom. I think the day has gotten off to a slower start that envisaged due to Steve (Pete's brother) being a tad ill !! Ten minutes ago they set off to B&Q with a big shopping list that was the result of this morning's 'planning phase'! Five minutes ago they called to ask me to read the list (that was still on the kitchen table) out to them - Doesn't bode well does it?

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julie said...

Ah Wendy you must be so proud! Well done to your lad. Just found your blog. So pleased you have finished all your projects. I, too have finished all mine , which is something of an achievement! Great to meet you last weekend and hope to meet up with you again at a future GoGo event.