Monday, 22 February 2010

Little Freebie

So, I have managed to get myself into gear. I have ordered the radiator, a lovely little number as you can see. I've also managed to get Photoshop loaded onto my new laptop - well it's actually Pete's new laptop that he's agreed to swap me for. There was one slight hiccup, it insisted I deactivate it from one other installation though and given that it's only installed on my (now dead) desktop and old laptop, I didn't have much choice. I'll have to email them to ask how I can deactivate from a pc that's bitten the dust. Anyhow, in order to commemorate this little occasion I have 'created' this little journalling spot. It's not rocket science, just a little play but I thought I'd share it with anyone who happens to read my blog - now don't all rush at once lol. Guess there'll just be the one download then and that'll be me testing it. IF, however, you do happen along and take a copy I'd love a comment.  So without further ado if you click on it, then right click and save - it's all yours. Feel free to alter the colour etc. and a little credit if you publish anywhere would be wonderful.

ETA - if anyone knows how to attach a .png file without it insisting on a white, square background I would love to know.

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