Monday, 22 February 2010

Today in History - 22nd February

On this date in 1879, Mr F.W.Woolworth opened his first 'five-and-ten-cent' store in Utica, New York. How sad that 131 years later they no longer exist, but only recently! Everyone remembers a good old Woolies store. Ok, they had changed over the years, of course they did. Ours in Wolverhampton was spread over three floors when I first started my girlie trips to town, by the time it closed it was down to one. The 'pick and mix' wasn't always evident either but they could be relied upon to have pretty much any household item you may have wanted.

Today in 2010 I need to get my backside into gear, lots to do in preparation for the new bathroom. Top of my list today is to order the radiator and I want to get some scrapping done. I feel the need to be creative. I got chatting with a lass at the gym this morning - I've seen her there lots and we always nod and say hi but we've never 'chatted'. I won't bore you with the details but I found her to be quite forthright and display an inner strength that I found quite empowering. Not sure if that makes sense but she was a really nice person, not afraid to speak her mind and be strong. And so I am going to take a leaf out of her book and get on with stuff.  So, hopefully I'll be back later with some wonderful creation or other and have ticked off some of my 'to do's lol.

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