Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bad Blogger again

Its been almost two weeks since I last posted. Can't say that I've been mega busy either, just don't seem to have found the time to post. No scrapping being done at the moment either, major lull there. I have today submitted a couple of things to a page call via Shimelle but I don't really hold out much hope. My new kit arrived today too and it's full of scrummy goodness but still no real desire to sit down and play with pretty paper. I have started a tidy up of my desk area though so maybe that will bring some goodness along with a desire to play.  Anthony and Chaz came home last weekend for his birthday. We had a lovely time including a meal out on Friday night with my Mum, a delicious meal at Chaz's parents Saturday afternoon followed by an evening at the races. I'd not been to the races before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One to be repeated me thinks.

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