Friday, 5 February 2010

Britain's got Talent

I am, once again, a bad blogger. Do I have an excuse, probably I suppose. My main PC has been out of action for more than a week so I'm back to using my laptop all the time. Somehow I just don't use the laptop as much as I do the desktop - no idea why really. And, because I've not been sat at my desk I've not scrapped either. I have been dashing around a little, when that's how it feels. Wednesday night was fun, I had 4 free tickets to Britain's got Talent at the Hippodrome in Birmingham. Originally Mom, Sue, Sara and I were going but Mom's back has been very bad all week so she decided to give it a miss. We had to queue for quite a while but once we got in there I have to say it was quite good. We've certainly not seen the winner and there wasn't a Susan Boyle moment but it was fun all the same. Now I just dread seeing my mush in the audience when its screened in April.

Yesterday I had a lovely day, although most of it was spent in a pub. I met an old work friend in Birmingham and we spent a lovely long time catching up, eating and drinking. We even had a wander around the bull ring followed by coffee and cakes and then finally caught the train home. We will certainly be doing it again.


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