Monday, 9 November 2009

Well it's Monday here again now, the mornings always start with the battle of getting the girls up and ready for school on time, Pete's gone by 06:30 so the battle is mine alone - perhaps that's just as well though. We took Ant and Chaz to the station for their train home yesterday evening, once home we had a wonderful beef dinner and then the girls and I settled down to watch X Factor The Results - bit of a shocker this week though eh, with Simon Cowell not getting shot of the boys!
I purchased a new muffin tin yesterday to go with the new muffin cases.  My existing cake tin is fine for the small cake cases but the muffin ones don't fit so I ended up placing my cakes on a flat baking sheet - this was fine until of course the mixture melted as it cooked and I ended up with 'square' cupcakes.  They were still yummy though.  Question is - do I bake more today to test it all out!!

In the end I've run out of time to bake anyway.  Bex had to use a black cardigan of mine this morning because suddenly her school jumpers are too small, so I popped into Wolverhampton to buy her a new one.  Whilst there I picked up this little book at The Works for £1.99 and it has some scrummy recipes in it.  Just need to find the time now to cook all the different things I want to try out.

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