Friday, 13 November 2009

The Maisy Monster

Gosh, the whole week has just flown by.  Tuesday evening Giselle joined us as she'd spent the previous couple of days at a conference in Birmingham and rather that go straight home she came to stay for the night and partake of a little shopping. Wednesday saw the two of us at Boundary Mills.  We arrived at 10:30 and do you know it was 15:00 before we left!! Now even I don't spend that long in there. To be fair we did also have a bite to eat and a good natter as well as at least two trips to the changing rooms armed with at least 6 items each, each time lol! It has to be done.  Later that evening, once I'd seen Giselle safely on her way, I made my way to Bourneville Station to meet Pete. Sue gave me a lift to town and then I caught the train to Brum followed by another local train out to Bourneville.  It's not a bad run really so I think Pete will be able to use it quite well when the need arises. Pete picked me up at the staion and we drove to Star City to see 'Law Abiding Citizen'  this was another freebie and it was quite good - a bit too much blood and gore for Pete but the storyline was quite well thought out.  Thursday saw me spend far too many hours sorting out how to sync my new phone with the pc.  It's not actually a new phone, it's Ants old one, but its far better than my phone was.  It is taking a little bit of getting used to though and I do wish that sorting out techie bits and pieces didn't take quite so long.  Thursday evening saw me out for a meal and drinks with Jackie at The Spread.  We've been trying to get this one in since our wedding back in July.  It was a good night, I drank far more than I have for ages but we were there a good while too. Today I've met with the accountant, shopped at Hobbycraft, Home Bargains and Dorithy Perkins.  Following that I called Mom and we popped out for lunch - yet another trip to The Spread and once back home I've finished off the layout posted above. Phew, a whistle stop tour of the last few days.  Not sure what we're doing this evening, or this weekend actually.  We did originally have guests for the weekend but plans had to change so now a free weekend lies ahead.  I'm sure we'll fill it though :-)

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