Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Blooming marvellous(ly)

Well, that's the caravan packed away for another year.  We got ourselves up early Saturday morning and after a hearty breakfast headed to Wales to pack everything away.  It worked quite well actually and we were all done and on the road heading home by about four thirty.  It is quite sad when it's all packed away and no longer accessible.  We bought the awning home with us this time as it was still damp so Sunday was spent trying to get it dry in the garden between rain showers.  We've put it into storage on the farm again and we've said we will go back to the same site next year.  We do need to think about it though as it all depends where Pete is working as to how easy and often we can use it.

Because Saturday was a really early start we decided not to use the free cinema tickets we had for UP on Sunday morning, I did email to release them though so hopefully some other family had a last minute treat.  Last night we saw 'Harry Brown' at Showcase, Walsall.  Pete found it quite depressing, that's not the word I would use but it was quite a sombre film all the same.  I've just, in the last hour, got us tickets for 'Law abiding Citizen' next Wednesday night at Vue in Birmingham.  La Tasca is close by so I can see a full evening in store.

I started this layout yesterday and, once I'd finally decided how to colour the letters, I finished it off this afternoon.  I am rather proud of Emily, she has done well with the GCSE's she took 2 years early and is all set to do well in all the rest, so I wanted to record some of it.  The jounaling is tucked away behind the photograph though.  
ETA - Just realised I've missed the second 'L' of the title so I'll have to get that one added - whoops.

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