Friday, 30 October 2009

Baking Day

It's Friday again so it must be baking day. Actually I baked and iced these yesterday but I added the sprinkles today and then took the photo. These are coffee flavoured, both the sponge and the butter cream and they are yummy. Personally I think the sponge is a little heavy so I really need to look at the differences in the recipes I'm using and see if I can adjust accordingly. Also I am not using an electric whisk (or a whisk of any sort) so maybe I ought to try that too. I am enjoying my baking though, trouble is they then have to be eaten and this weekend there are no girlies around to help out. As well as the sprinkles I also bought some pretty cases and some miniature cases to try out so I'll give those a go next week. Flapjacks next too though as Ant and Chaz are coming home.

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