Friday, 6 November 2009

Crafty Bits

I've been working on making my blog look better but boy did it take up most of Wednesday, not that it looks like there's been that much work on it but still - I like it, and I understand the CSS better now too.  Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my friend Rose over at Oswestry. We shopped in the town which is somewhere I've not been into even in all the years I've known Rose.  We had a coffee and cupcake in a beautiful little bookshop that's recently opened  - the cupcake was divine and the books were yummy too.  Rose also took me to the little crafting shop she uses in the town which is where I picked up the ribbons above plus a couple of new punches that I'd been thinking of ordering online.  Yes, Oswestry is definitely somewhere I need to shop again.

Anthony and Chaz will be home later today for Bonfire night tomorrow.  That means I've lots of things to do including baking some cakes - think I'll use the new muffin cases I bought yesterday.  We'll have lots of folk round tomorrow night so we've pots of curry and chilli to make, potatoes to bake, soup to prepare and I think I need to get some flapjacks done too.  Must do a bit of housework whilst I'm at it and I need to try and keep the Maisy Monster clean - yesterday she was a nightmare.

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