Monday, 22 June 2009

Near contentment and 'woohoo' for my salad spinner

Yay, I found my salad spinner. I had suspected that it may have been lost in the great 'feng shui' that was Pete when we moved house but after a little ferreting around I found it tucked away in a cupboard. I can only presume that I insisted we keep it as I might use it occasionally. To be fair to Pete I have to say that I don't believe it has been used since we moved in, and that's now 21 months ago, but we are now eating our home grown salad leaves and so I NEED it.

I love being able to eat what we've grown, although it does take me an age to wash the leaves - and I find I need to use my glasses to boot. We seem to have an awful lot of greenfly. I don't think they damage the leaves but I sure don't want to eat any so I do wash the lettuce very carefully. As it's 'picking' lettuce you do need to keep on picking it in order to keep it going. And so just before lunch I picked a colander full and washed it all - hence the need for the salad spinner. Primarily to dry the leaves I did also figure that it may shoot off any stray flies that I missed lol.

Once washed and dried I bagged it to last Pete and I over the next couple of days, all but enough for my lunch today that is. I am enjoying eating salads at lunchtime but they do need to fill me and so I tend to pile on the proteins (still avoiding carbs). Today's was rather yummy.

Our veggie patch was finished in April and we did manage to get the three raised beds stocked up. We've still some spare ground on the other site of the patch and I must find some time to figure out what to plant in it. The lettuce is the only thing being harvested at the moment but we also have Leeks, Beetroot, Cauliflower, Swede, French Beans, Mange Tout, Red Onions, White Onions and Tomatoes growing well. The peas as you can see are just starting to flower.

To prevent the Maisy Monster destroying the patch, we had picket fence all around it. It fits in quite nicely with the rest of the garden though and we don't feel that we've lost a lot of ground to create it either. Maisy's ball does occasionally find it's way in there but that's our fault not hers.

Near contentment today because I do feel that I've got stuff done - I still have some pretty urgent stuff outstanding but at least I feel that I have achieved some stuff today. I managed to get up to date with my Open University course work before my tutorial this afternoon. The fact that I've had 2 weeks to do it and have crammed it all into the last couple of day is, it has to be said, my own fault but hey ho. I've managed 3 loads of washing, two of which are out on the line or in the tumble dryer and I am managing to blog.

I really must spend more time in the garden but I need to get the balance right. Maisy still tears around so there's little point in anything too delicate. Still my peony finally flowered - beautiful isn't it?

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