Monday, 22 June 2009

Eton Mess

Mmmm, this has to be my most favourite dessert of all time. Can you believe though that I'd never tried it before this year? My good friend Rose introduced me to it when we had a girly weekend at the caravan back in April and I haven't stopped eating it since. So much so that this will feature quite prominently at our wedding. Sorry about the lack of sharpness to the photo though, and this was the best of the bunch. looks like I'll have to start using these (below) when I take photos as well as for reading, writing and close craft work.

It's driving me potty now. To start with it was something different - me wearing glasses - but now I truly wish I didn't need them. I swear that my eyes have gotten worse more quickly since I've had the glasses than they ever did before. At first it was just for really close craft work, then I noticed it more as I tried to write in my journal. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are just blurred and I try desperately to 'blink' it away. Guess it's an age thing.

Whilst we were at the caravan the past weekend, I made a few more of these up. These are the 'favours' boxes for the wedding. Originally I intended to make the whole lot from scratch but because I wanted the boxes to be fairly robust, so that they could be kept and re-used, it was going to cost me just as much for the card as it would to buy the DIY blank boxes. So that's what I did, now I am slowly decorating them with Patterned Paper, ribbon and embellishments. I've used the 'Letters Home' range from Kimberly Poloson at The Craftz Boutique and they are lovely. Just a few more of these to do then onto the cupcake boxes.

I did manage to speak to the baker whilst we were down the caravan too, albeit from a payphone. We agreed what he's doing for us and they'll be delivered to their Cockermouth shop on the Saturday morning for us to collect from there. Not cheap though 100 pounds it's costing me for 40 cupcakes!! Oooh and I did manage to buy the jewellery we'd seen whilst up in the lake district the other weekend. Not from the Jewellery Quarter in the end because they just kept me hanging on to find out IF they could get them. In the end I spoke to a lovely woman up at Hebdon Bridge and I bought them from her. I'll post a piccie of them as soon as.

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