Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Boy done good

Woohoo, On Monday Anthony finally got his results and he achieved a First Class Honours Degree - way to go Boy. Of course he had already hedged his bets and had persuaded me to part with the money I'd promised him for a 1st whilst we were up in Manchester last weekend, after moving him into Chaz's flat. He desperately wanted to buy a new TV for the flat and so he spent the WHOLE of the promised money on it. He tells me that that it's wonderful watching the tennis on 37 inches of plasma screen lol.

Pete finished his contract Tuesday and yesterday spent his first day at home in a long, long time. It will do him good though to take the time off - probably the whole of July and August as we're away or busy for large chunks of it anyway - as he's not really had time off (apart from Bank Holidays) since last summer. Yesterday was spent getting the two rooms ready for the bedroom fitters today. That'll be all four bedrooms completed then and in time for folks to stay later in the month on their way up to the wedding.

Today we've harvested our first Mange Tout and Baby Beetroot (although I think I was a bit ahead of myself with the beetroot lol) Not tried them yet but it is lovely to eat what you've grown yourself. Looking froward to the tomatoes being ready too.

The fitters are busy working away upstairs in the bedrooms as I type, there are a couple of hiccups this time but nothing that can't be sorted I don't think. It will be good to get everything back in it's right place although the carpet isn't being fitted until next Tuesday.

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