Saturday, 15 September 2007

On safari

I have been out and about today playing with my camera and have really enjoyed myself. First of all I cycled to a local park and took about 100 shots of various flowers in the Rose Garden to practice for this week's module. Really pleased with quite a few. Then Mom and Sue joined me where upon they both decided to have a go on my bike! Now my sister is about 5 inches shorter than me and my Mom is even shorter than that, so you can imagine the palarver (how do you spell that word?) as they each tried to climb onto my bike - we did laugh and also got some strange looks from passers by - pity my camera was packed away at this time! So much so that a couple of hours later in Somerfield one gentleman was heard to say to his little girl "Look, there's that lady who was riding the bike" My Mom did blush.

There's only me here today so I have been able to indulge myself and I feel I have made real progress in understanding better my camera and it's full functionality. I'll leave you with some of my favourites from today.


Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Wendy

I also do a selection then make a new layer and copy just that selection in to it. This then sits on top of the blured background so there's no use of masks. Will do that tut in a few days or so.

Is that the way you do it?

Not going to do HSMS tomorrow. Having a break. Want to catch up on other stuff and read yours and Eleranors blog properly.

Bye for now


Sue Nicholson said...

Right I am back and more awake now than I was last night . . . well only just :)

Love your collage of photos. You do have an incredible eye for detail and composition.

Lol at the bikes. I am 5'2" so I'd have struggled too.