Friday, 14 September 2007


I've not much time at the minute and I have been lax in my Her space My space shots - I will try to catch up. I have been taking some photos, mainly for the workshop I am doing at the moment. This is the 2nd week and as this one is a more technical one I am finding that I need to get out and get some real practice in. It's good though that this time I can get out and take the shots, last time I was confined with my broken ankle, so I am really enjoying this one.

I'm posting here a couple of shots I've taken for this weeks module. As we're moving house soon I thought I'd start and capture a few memories as I go along. The girls have only ever known this house, they will find it hard I think to walk away. It is looking like we will complete on the new house on the 28th September and then on the sale of mine on the 5th October - giving us 1 week to do all the necessary - should be fun.

There are other major changes afoot as well as Pete has decided it is time for him to move on from the company we both worked for for quite some time. Pete, however, will be looking for new employment almost straight away and it probably means we will need to set up our own company - another little task for us to sort amidst the unpacking.

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Sue Nicholson said...

It takes the fun out if you feel under pressure and it is time consuming. I am not doing the prompt today because of this.

Great idea to capture the memories of the little things that we take for granted. I love the old photos of me where there are bits and pieces in the background.

And good luck to Pete. Three years ago Ian left to go self employed after working for the same bank since he was in his late teens.

He now has his own company so shout if you need any info.

Off to enjoy a day with the family . . . don't know wha we will do, if anything.

Bye for now