Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Sold Sold Sold

Well, I didn't really expect to turn the corner to home on the last leg of our holidays and see a Sold sign, but that's exactly what we saw at 01:30 this morning. We did actually know but until you see it for yourself - well I always wonder. Amazingly we sold for higher than the original asking price - some going in the current climate. The buyers want to move quickly and are looking for a 4 -5 week completion! This should be ok but we still don't have a firm date for our new house yet and although the two transactions are separate, we do need the new one first. We were expecting a good couple of months between the two and had planned to have the garage converted at the new one before moving in, I guess we'll have to think again.

Our holiday was wonderful, some mixed weather to start with but once we reached the South of France it was clear blue skies and hot hot hot all the way. We ate out an awful lot, much more than usual - I bet the credit card bill will be a stonker, hee hee. Most of the unpacking is done but I do have a few bits left to do that I may just leave until tomorrow. My leg continues to progress but although I know I have made a good deal of progress I still find it very frustrating to say the least. I am not driving yet, I have had a go (just around the corner) but it was still uncomfortable so that needs more work.

Tomorrow sees me at the hairdressers (thank goodness) and I think I may have to brave the bus to get me there and back - now that's an adventure as I really don't do buses. I stopped using buses when I had my first car just turned 18 and I'll bet I could count the number of bus trips since then on one hand! I also feel the need to shop a little so that should be fun. I need to get a little bit of structure back into my days now that I am more mobile and I'd like to start exercising (all those meals out have taken their toll) I also want to get back to some form of traditional scrapping, although I think digital will still feature heavily - it's just so easy. My first project is going to be altering the covers of a little book of 'Goals' I have started. For years any goals have all been work related, now it's time for some 'me' ones.

I need to catch up on a few things too:
1) Sue has 'tagged' me and I need to understand what this means
2) I want to get all the holiday photos uploaded and safely backed up
3) I want to take a look at Her Space;My Space and see if I can join the fun.

Ok, I'll sign off now as I fancy a long soak in the bath (showers only for the last 3 weeks) Ah bliss.


Sue Nicholson said...

Yes! It's sold! Fab!

Left it too late now to catch up on how things are with you. I really should write a list of things I must'nt forget :(

I'll be back first thing in the morning.

See you then :)


Sue Nicholson said...

Right! First things first "welcome back" :) And brilliant news about the house sale AND for more money too. Well done. Now the fun starts I should think!

Your holiday sounds fabulous. We eat out every night on our seven day holidays but not sure we could do that for three weeks!!!

Just come back from the hairdressers too as grey was getting very visible!! Hope you enjoyed your bus ride.

Re the award. You save it as a pic, load it on to you blog and if you wish then pass it on in the same way I did.

Please join HSMS. You know I am not a photographer but have enjoyed doing the daily prompts HOWEVER a word of warning here, it can be time consuming.

Some have a second blog and they just upload their HSMS photo to that but I find it easier to manage just the one!

Ian's off nest week and we are away for a few days so I'll not be on so much. Then the children go back to school . . . my goodness that has soon past by.

Right off to sort the washing and after three weeks away I think you will know all about that :D Fortunately, as my Mum would have said, it's good drying weather.