Saturday, 25 August 2007

HS:MS Self Portrait Saturday

It's late and I'm tired but I decided to have a very quick go at Her Space My Space. This is my first time - Sue has been suggesting I join in since before my hols and I have been meaning to, just don't seem to have had much time.

I like the idea of being prompted to take shots of things we may ordinarily overlook.

So here is my self portrait - I decided to hide for this one on the basis that I will probably have to be braver in the future ;-) and, because I didn't want the flash showing in the mirror it is slightly blurred I'm afraid (must invest in a tripod) - I promise to do better next time.


Angela said...

Welcome! Glad you are joining us. I have always found mirror shots hard to focus so well done on yours :-)

Diana said...

Wlcome to HS:MS. Well done on your self portrait. Yes we will all get braver and for me hopefully BETTER! Di

Sue Nicholson said...

Very brave Wendy . . . I was the chicken :D Though must say I will try again . . . well maybe!!