Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ant's first house

Earlier this evening we returned from Manchester after having installed Anthony in his new abode. He's still renting but rather than staying in halls, this year he and a friend have rented a 2 bedroom house not far from the University. It's obviously a starter home but for two 20 year olds that have spent the past year in very little space it must seem like a mansion. I just hope they look after it ! They've everything they need, fridge, freezer, washing machine, hoover, lawnmower, lounge, dining and bedroom furniture. Ant only popped home a little over 24 hours ago to check we loaded all of his belongings into the car - given that we've got a whole house worth of items stored in the garage currently he could have ended up with all sorts. We also took the opportunity to clear his bedroom - he's been hoarding for at least the last 6 years - 2 full bags for the charity shop we managed and along with the other 6 we had waiting in the garage, Pete and I took them to the Cancer Research shop this afternoon.

We started the day with a cycle into town for a couple of things - it felt really good to be on the bike rather than in the car, oh yes and when we popped back in this afternoon to the charity shop I actually drove to the shop. That's the first time I have driven since I broke my ankle 3 months ago. Pete drove back though, I've decided not to push my luck and just keep taking it a small step at a time. I saw the physio yesterday and although I am making excellent progress she wants me to make sure I rest the leg for 20 minutes, every 3 hours. Aaarrgghh, I thought I'd got past that but because there is still swelling I have no choice. Time for sleep now me thinks, until tomorrow then ................

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Sue Nicholson said...

Hey I live 20 minutes from Manchester :) Just passed Old Trafford! If you ever come this way again give me a shout :)

So pleased Ant has found somewhere to stay that's nice.

And I am fed up with my hand too BUT have now driven! yes!! But I wouldn't be able to do it if I had had my left hand done as I would need an automatic to change gear. Don't think I'll ever have the left done!!

So pleased you are getting there though. We have come a long way haven't we :)