Friday, 3 August 2007

Another busy day

Ok, this afternoon we received a call asking if the folks that made the offer the other day could come back again this evening. Given that we are in the middle of packing it was quite tempting to say no, but you can't do that sort of thing can you. So, once again we dashed around, had to tidy up mid pack and show folks around. Still not sure if they are serious about buying or not though. Still, no doubt we shall see, may just have to negotiate via text messages though.

So, this is me signing out for a while, we may have internet access at some of locations so I might do an update from abroad. Have fun everyone, hope you have some decent weather for a change.



Sue Nicholson said...

Have a fabulous and well deserved holiday.

Hope those buyers come up with the money. Fingers crossed for now :)

Look forward to seeing the photos.

Sue Nicholson said...

See my post dated 16th August :)

I have tagged you :)

Hope the holidays were brilliant and your ankle was strong.

Speak soon.