Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Mid morning we took a call from the estate agents asking if folks could view this afternoon. We agreed that they could and then we had to dash around somewhat. We seem to be in the middle of all sorts, we've a house worth of furniture stored in the garage and, trying to be organised, I have started our holiday packing. As we didn't really want to advertise the fact that we'd be away the suitcases and boxes were tidied away into the two cars. We'd also got another agent coming around to re-measure as the details that had been drawn up were wrong. I'm actually quite pleased with the fact that we've someone asking to view so quickly, the agents don't even have printed details yet and the web site doesn't have much detail at all because of a problem with the server! Anyway, the folks arrived and were duly shown around. The agents call us just before they closed at 17:30 to say that the folks were interested and had put in an offer - 25k below the asking price! We had been warned that it is a buyers market and that folk are starting the negotiations will 'cheeky' offers. My response was pretty predictable but I did say that we would accept an offer of 5k below the asking price. Back with them now, I don't expect them to come back and offer the full price minus 5k but then this is only the first folk to view. It's advertised in tomorrows paper so that may bring in some viewings. Pete is also keen to advertise ourselves on the web but I think we'll leave that until after our hols.

I need to get my photos and PS files copied from my laptop to my main PC so that I can trigger the full backup copy before we go on holiday. I also want to copy some of my favourite photos down to my laptop so that if I want to scrap them whilst away, I can. Sounds a tad sad, taking my laptop on holiday with me but it no longer represents work. I'm really keen to try and access more of the capabilities of PS and chillin time on holiday seems ideal.

After the setbacks of last week my leg seems to be getting better all the time. I managed a mammoth shop at Merry Hill yesterday - 4 hours worth - and survived, although I was absolutely shattered yesterday evening. I have another physio appointment tomorrow but I don't expect any problems. Really looking forward to our hols though, I managed to find a really good deal for disney tickets online so I got those sorted the other day. Ooh, must take a quick look at the weather forecast for our destination - it's a smasher here today. Yippee, 29 degrees looks to be the average for our first two destinations - can't wait.

I'll sign off now leaving you with a little photo of the fabulous Stonehenge taken over the fence last weekend. I need to tweak it a little though I think. Toodle Pip.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Ok so I am green . . . packing for a holiday . . . I so want a holiday :) What a good idea to keep the cases out of sight.

And if I had a lap top I would take it on holiday too. When I got this pc two years ago Ian insisted I didn't get one, (me thinks he knows me too well)

Hope things are progressing well on the house front.

Need to tell future buyers when they visit that you haven't inflated the price.

Tactfully tell them if you wanted them to feel good and be able to knock 25K of asking price you would have stuck 30K on it in the first place!!

So pleased your leg is getting back to normal :)