Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Quick update

I seem to have been a tad busy for the last couple of days and haven't had chance to update my blog. So, a quick roundup. On Monday we made the offer on the house, negotiated and agreed a price - Yippee. Then I started listing all the things we need to do around here to sell - oh ho. Tuesday started with my trip to the hospital where my cast was removed - Yippee. Started walking very carefully, still with crutches and it hurts - oh ho. To celebrate Pete, Ant and I went out to lunch after returning the wheelchair, lovely lunch. Then we had to dash up town as we had an appointment at the estate agents (Mortgage adviser) and we had a couple of other errands to do in town first. We did them all but I was absolutely shattered, and my ankle was swelling quite badly - oh ho. I did not take to the mortgage adviser and generally felt that I could obtain a better deal directly myself, so we said we'd think about it. Dashed back to collect Ant and look at the house again (I wanted Ant to see it before he goes back to Manchester), I was too exhausted to go round though so sat in the kitchen chatting with the owner. Then we collected the girls and headed home. We didn't have long at home though because we were off out for Emily's birthday. We went to Nando's in Wolverhampton and we had a lovely meal. Back home I had a soak in the bath - tried to make my poorly leg look half decent - I will spare you the gory, detailed description but trust me it's not nice at the moment. Then I collapsed in bed, out for the count. Phew, even typing it up makes me out of breath. As for today so far, I have found a better mortgage but I've also put in a call to the gentleman I always use for my mortgages and he's on the case too. It's funny but now that we've agreed to buy this new house I look around here and spot the things I'll miss, I guess that's the problem with buying something that isn't actually bigger than what we have already. But this way, we'll still have no mortgage within the next couple of years, the house really is somewhere we will be happy to live for the next 10 years or so and then we'll look to move out into the country. We do need to sell our house, I don't want 2 mortgages for long, but it will also give us the chance to do things like convert the garage at the new house straight away so there is something to be gained by doing it this way. Right, on with the day.

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