Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Today's Layout

For the first time in 6 weeks I managed to do some real housework today. Because I can now stand on two feet things are 100 times easier. The kids had used ALL of the white towels in the past couple of days for some strange reason so I decided to attempt the washing. I threw everything down the stairs and then I moved them from the hall into the utility and washing machine an armful at a time. By the time the washer was on I was shattered. I've also managed to warm my lunch up and eat it outside - I couldn't carry anything before because I needed two crutches but now I can manage with one, albeit slowly, and so I could carry my lunch outside. My ankle does swell though so I still need to rest it so, whilst doing that, I took the opportunity to put together a new layout. This is another based on a kit by Dawn Inskip (Totally Tropical) and can be found at A Spoonful of Sprinkles. Again I enjoyed using this kit, I really like a lot of the stuff Dawn is doing. Enough from me now.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Wendy! It's the one handed typist here!

Pleased to read that things are moving on the new house front.

And glad that you are feeling so positive now you can get round a little better :)

Likewise myself, I am shattered and swollen!

I love Dawns overlays too.

Hope to actually blog later ON but now off for yet another rest!