Sunday, 8 July 2007

All change

Well, we've decided to move house, now there's a turn up for the books, and it is dependant on a conversation with the vendors estate agents tomorrow. We've toyed with the idea for a while, one of the reasons being that this is 'my' old house and it would be nice for Pete and I to move to a new house together. Secondly, we've been dithering over the decision to extend into the garage or not and that has delayed the much needed kitchen replacement. So, do we spend money here or move? We don't actually need more rooms but we could do with a different configuration. We'd been looking at a particular estate agents web site because we'd seen a particular house with a board outside, when I spotted another house that I liked the look of immediately - so we arranged to view. We went along this afternoon and it just 'felt' right, in fact it felt lovely. Not everything is right, for example Pete and I have a large bedroom (with en-suite) at the moment and we would lose the en-suite and be in a smaller room but, the other three bedrooms can all take a double bed whereas here 2 of them are singles only. Downstairs is roomy and with an additional building that looks like a ready made craft room to me ;-) In all we get the same amount of space overall and the garden is much nicer, but a little smaller - the biggest advantage there though is that it backs onto a field. So, Pete will call the estate agents in the morning and make our offer. Our house is not on the market at the moment so we'll need to move on that but because I have my mortgage completely in my name, Pete can apply for the one we'll need for this one, at least for the next couple of years anyway. So, yipee, we are all excited now (the girls loved it), lets hope we are lucky in the morning (oh and we need to hope if we do get it that we don't have two mortgages for too long - not gonna worry about that bit for now though)

A few posts ago I mentioned that my Mum, along with my girls and Sister, did the Race for Life - well I thought I'd attach the evidence of that evening. Just realised though that they haven't collected their sponsorship money yet - best get a move on.

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Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Wendy! Moving house! Sounds just what you need to keep you busy :)

My children have larger bedrooms that we do! They are not really big rooms but are long enough to be able to have a sleeping area at one end and working/pc area at the other. We all benefit as it gives them the space they,and us, need!!

Love having a separate craft room. We converted our garage and now it's a craft/study/junk/anything goes room.

Photos are great. Your girls look a little like your Mum. Since you don't post photos of yourself wouldn't know if they looked anything like you.....ha ha ha!

Good Luck tomorrow :)