Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday Monday

A large part of my morning was spent looking at flights to New Zealand. How difficult can it be, there are a plethora of airlines but finding somewhere that meets my requirements and that doesn’t cost me 17k!!!! is proving challenging. Having talked it through with the girls you see, we quite fancy a circumnavigation of the globe. So the idea was to fly out via either Kuala Lumpar or Shanghai and stop over for a couple of nights, on to Auckland and then back via San Francisco, again with a couple of nights to sample the sights and sounds. Aaaarrrggghhh – I guess this is why travel Agents can make their money. The saga of the missing bonus payment continues, although my details have now been located and submitted but it will now be the end of July before I receive it – Er No, I don’t think so. Into battle on this one! After the first pass there is still an insistence that in order to pay the right amount of tax etc. it needs to wait until normal payroll date (i.e. end of the month). I am not sure I have the energy to keep arguing the point. At most I only lose £25 in interest for the month so I’m not sure it’s worth it.

As I type (16:00) it’s throwing it down again. I did manage to sit outside briefly whilst the sun was out for a little while – it was lovely. I even stayed out in the light rain, safely ensconced under the cover of my new swing seat, that is until it started to thunder – then I thought I ought to perhaps retire to the house. So that done, I settled down once again to look for flights! Hmm, I can get the flights that sort of meet our requirements (LA and Hong Kong instead of San Francisco and Shanghai) for 4.2k – Now we just need to decide if it’s worth it?

Played with another type of template today. This time the one I’ve used has no preset papers, just shapes and you select the papers and elements you want to use. Plus it isn’t fixed, so really it provides a useful guideline and, where there are fancy shapes, an easy way to cut these to order. So, todays credits are: Template by Brynnmarie and can be found here, Papers again are Strawberry Lemonade by Jessica Sprague (I just lurve these), Stitching by Katie Pertiet, Natable Blooms by Lynn Grieveson and Lillies & Daisies Alpha by MaryAnne Curth.

I think that's me for now, off for a nice quit read I think whilst I have the chance.

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Sue Nicholson said...

WOW! Sounds a fantastic holiday.

£25 worth of stash?? Might be worth pushing it?

Another great layout so I'd thought I'd have a go and show you my interpretation of same design BUT the file is a .rar and I can't open it :( How did you?

Bye for now........